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“You’re really inviting the parties to start bringing up who had the affair first and all these other issues. It’s really going to expand the litigation,” Judge Colleen McNally, who serves Maricopa County Superior Court, told the same paper. She added that such finger pointing about infidelity and cheating in court “really has a negative effect on the kids.” The Arizona Legislature makes divorcing parents go to special classes to help them diffuse conflict and focus on the children’s needs, but Gray’s and Herrod’s legislation would detract from these positive efforts: “The whole focus of that class is[to help you] understand that something went wrong in your personal life, but you’ve got these kids.

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wholesale jerseys 2 Last day for teams to offer 2014 contracts to unsigned players. DEC. 2 5 Major League Baseball Players Association executive board meeting, La Jolla, Calif. Daneher became the winningest coach in Texas high school football and history and led the Wildcats to the class 5A Division II state title game this p.As we first reported last night, Calallen’s Phil Danhaer has won the prestigious Tom Landry Award which honors the Texas high school football coach of the year regardless of classification. Landry of course was the former Dallas Cowboys head coach and NFL Hall of Famer who led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl titles. Daneher became the winningest coach in Texas high school football and history and led the Wildcats to the class 5A Division II state title game this p.Phil Danaher wins prestigious Tom Landry AwardPhil Danaher wins prestigious Tom Landry AwardUpdated: Tuesday, April 18 2017 10:58 PM EDT2017 04 19 02:58:56 GMTCalallen’s Phil Danaher can add more hardware to his massive collection of awards. wholesale jerseys

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