The sustainability of the new business model of media, audiences, competition, social networks, and influencers, or the commercialization of information have been, among others, addressed by the different experts who participated in our training in Bolivia with the media Duty

Rafael Bonnelly (CEO of clicLogix Americas), Julio Noriega (CSO and BDO El Comercio), Billy Aldea-Martínez (Regional Director PIANO) and Quique Infante (Vodafone ONE) among others participated in our trainings.

Some of the conclusions of this session have been:

The media are in the midst of a digital revolution that forces them to reinvent themselves and will still take some time to stabilize.
They are looking for sustainable business models that are currently taking the search platforms and social networks, which are nourished by their content and are monetizing more and better advertising and audiences.
Rigor and journalistic ethics are essential to consolidate your value proposition.
Competition with search engines and social networks

Competition for the audience with these platforms (FB and Google, for example) is changing their management formulas. These platforms, which are not media, have become channels to distribute content and get in touch with audiences. They are also gaining the credibility of the public against some of the traditional media.
The media can not do without these channels to generate traffic to its contents. According to the comparison of these experts, “FB and Google are like supermarkets where all kinds of white label products are sold. The aspiration of the media is to become a consolidated brand to which the public comes by itself “.
Internet platforms also represent an amplifier of their contents that had never before been achieved in a medium of this type. But they face changes in their algorithms as a threat.
Opportunity to know the data of the hearings

In the digital field, real-time measurement allows us to know data that measure the degree of interest of the contents and provide information that satisfies the audience.
But they do not always make them known to the newsroom so as not to condition the journalist too much on what is most seen or read.
They share that it is necessary to maintain a balance between what is demanded by the public and relevant information to understand the political and social context, since they consider that it is a mission of the media to provide relevant information that helps the public to understand reality. The information is not a merchandise.
Knowing the audience is a business challenge. The audience measurement systems provided by new technologies have transformed the vision of what content is relevant to your audience. Before there was not that knowledge, which also represents an opportunity.
They recognize that different types of information coexist to satisfy different types of public: the most demanding and the least. They are in the trial and error phase: how to retain influential readers and also include a more general audience. Maintain a balance between quality information and what you like the most.
Although reputation and influence is also important for the media; Sometimes more than the audience.
The post-era era

Algorithms or search engines feed the bias of the information that is consumed. It takes you to the content that has interested you and does not show you an overview of reality. The opinion of the individual has always been satisfied with information that supports it, but now the algorithm has polarized the bias even more.
They also promote the most read and shared content, despite its sometimes false, compared to quality information. This determines the formation of public opinion.
The hoaxes or false news have become a challenge for informants and brands. Denying them now is more complicated.
Platforms and social networks have become prescribers of content that drains reality and feeds back information bias.
They gain influence the digital means in front of the traditional means between the hearing. The latter are being considered as part of the establishment or system.

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