Cliclogix Americas introduced the Media Transformation Scorecard results during SIPconnect at Miami on June 29th 2016

Cliclogix’s president Rafael Bonnelly accompanied by Alvaro Moncada, Guillermo de Leon and Ricardo Talavera presented the Scorecard’s first results divided in three sections; Content, Audiences, and Monetization.

For one full hour and an expectant audience the Scorecard’s main results and insights were presented. These came from polls completed by over 50 media from 14 countries.

The questionnaire holds questions ranging from Live events production, the use of video, new user acquisition costs, or the number of ad formats currently offered to advertisers, and many more.

The results offer clear next steps and improvement areas for the participating media. Also offers common areas of improvement and trends among most of the participants.

Your company can also benefit from the Media Transformation Scorecard, just click here and complete the questionnaire to get a detailed picture of your medium’s digital transformation status.

You can get in touch anytime with the cliclogix Americas team by sending an email to

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