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Founded in October 2011 with the support of a group of media companies partners of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), clicLogix has built a methodology to accelerate the transformation of its clients, the media in Latin America.

Our team of professionals in all aspects of publishing and transactional business, designs and implements new products and services and processes to bring them to market.

Our Mission

Empower our clients to identify and develop new digital business to accelerate its transformation in the areas of content, audience and monetization of both. This is achieved by a combination of proven processes, using the best and most efficient platforms, and constant knowledge transfer to teams of our customers.

Our Team

With our Digital Acceleration Plan, your medium will be able to focus on the most profitable revenue lines, and those with the biggest growth, while also promoting new initiatives that will complete your digital business portfolio. Our acceleration plans have generated transformation processes in all our clients, that allow for short term growth in their digital business.

Digital Acceleration Plan

clicLogix has designed and developed a methodology based on the MTS’s results, allowing its clients to accelerate their current digital businesses growth, and also to create new digital business that compensate the traditional media business deceleration.

Three Steps Transformation

A traditional media company’s goal should be to become a “Digital First” company, in which over 50% of revenues and profit come from digital businesses. For this to happen, it is imperative to design and execute this three step plan:

1 Current Situation and BenchMarking (MTS)
2 New Businesses and Products Strategy (NB&NP)
3 Follow Up and Reformulation Strategy (KPI’s & OKR’s)

Our Learning Services Team provides personalized Corporate Academies to its Clients. At any time, hundreds of newsroom, marketing, sales and technical teams are engaging in online courses designed and offered by our Team.

Update your business with clicLogix courses

Multiplatform Edition and Multimedia

A Course designed for editorial staff members working on printed products that look to make more efficient their management and monetization efforts. We offer all the necessary tools to help editorial staffs transform their production, creation and curation processes in multiple formats and platforms… + INFO

Programmatic Advertising and RTB

A complete path around the ecosystems of programmatic advertising, where you will get to know all the players, and understand the different business plans whilst learning to create and place an Ad Offer on AdX Google. On top we will analyze an entire market report on video programmatic and the main trends on the leading countries… + INFO

Marketing and Digital Advertising

A complete tour around the main disciplines of digital marketing. The main media companies, social media, search engines, affiliate networks, merchandising models and digital advertising formats. All in one great multimedia package that will bring your organization tools to advertise yourself in a more productive manner… + INFO

Digital Businesses

Immersion in the world of digital business, where we review all its different variants, such as development and monetization. We analyze digital content businesses where information, news , entertainment , music and movies are offered to a specific audience… + INFO

Audiovisual production

A broad overview on the keys to understanding the visual language as a powerful communication tool, capable of transmitting a variety of messages to many different audiences, and creating revenue for your business. Stages of audiovisual production will be presented, all from the idea and scriptwriting, to post´production and editing, including marketing and adaptation to the trends and formats most demanded… + INFO


El Media Transformation Scorecard (MTS) is the most advanced tool to get a fast, current, and reliable snapshot of your medium’s digital transformation status, as well as the next steps in it’s digital evolution process.

The tool can be utilized by as many members of your team as needed, the more members use the tool, the more complete and accurate the results are.

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