The digital transformation begins with people.

What are the most important decisions in the company?

In the early stages we can find the rational motivations such as, launch a product, increase sales, invest in advertising, etc … but more within one we can find personal motivations as (both rational and irrational), highlight in your work, win in an employee contest, etc. In the first layers we find more powerful motivations and that supposedly prevail over personal motivations but.

Who forms the companies?

It is the people who form the companies and all the people have feelings and motivations. In the same way it happens with the decisions that are the people who take them, the great changes like the digital transformation of a medium begin with the people that form it.

The LMS training as part of the change

Online training is the way we have to adapt to new scenarios. The learning is the previous step to incorporate our knowledge to our day to day. Anyone can say from the outside, that this or that is important, the important thing is to internalize and draw the conclusions of those who most know the company, in this way they will be able to incorporate faster into the digital age.

The case of the Internet and digital marketing is at the same time a transversal knowledge and an industry. Because although at a generic level refers to basic knowledge in the use of the Internet, all companies need to have an online marketing strategy in their company. For this, everyone needs to have a basic knowledge of the Internet, and everyone who participates in the management of a company should also add online marketing.

“I need to catch up with online marketing, but I can not find the time. I do not know where to start

If you analyze this need and the ability to adapt to the digital world within companies, we find different situations where this change is more difficult (based on the basis that there are people who do not fit with these stereotypes):

  • Professionals in the last 5-10 years of their career: they are people of vast experience and knowledge. They tend to be in high positions of the organization. For them Internet is something strategic for the company, but at a personal level it is difficult to incorporate / assimilate it. At the time of introducing it into the company, it is difficult for them to understand their role and, above all, it is difficult for them to stop the inertia of the company in order to launch the digital strategy.
  • Professionals with extensive experience: they are people who have more than 20-25 years of experience, to whom when the Internet began to be important they were already established in a job where the Internet was not relevant at that time. Now they find that it is necessary, but they can not find the moment to form. Also, they are not very clear about where to start.
  • Entrepreneurs: this group is very heterogeneous, but beyond the entrepreneurs with experience in digital, there is a large group of people who start a business with a base of experience ofline and Internet is one of its main bets.In these cases we find people with very clear ideas, focused on the development of their product / service (their strongest knowledge base), who are clear that the Internet is one of the main outputs for their business, but they are not clear about where to start and they need to put in order your ideas to define an effective online strategy.
  • Junior: whether recent graduates or people in their first years of work, are people who are clear that the Internet is the way to go, but because of their studies or because the program they have followed, they do not have the necessary knowledge to carry out their I work with guarantees. In these cases it is common that they think they have clear ideas about the starting point, but these tend to point to tactical issues that prevent them from seeing the full picture of what they really need.

How to carry out the digital transformation of the personnel? Or in other words, what options do the mentioned profiles have to evolve? How can they be trained?

The most obvious step is through training. We currently have clickLogix Education face-to-face and online training with which to take a first step in this change. We know the importance of choosing the right program for each job. Our advice is not to get carried away by trends and look for that program that complements what the company already knows, its technical support for help at all times, some reports on education to be a support for the human resources team, or in the case of being starting, that give you a global vision of marketing, advertising, online programming and subscriptions.

That is why it is essential to carry out a course that offers sufficient guarantees at the level of the analytical program, courses

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